Don't just build a brand. Build a lifestyle.


The Zelinka Agency is a cause-driven brand helping other cause-driven brands. We are an online course community of Troublemakers + Misfits. We were voted most Unique in High School. We believe that the rules merely exist to maintain the status quo. 

We are modern day suffragists empowering people to live their lives on their own terms; leave dead-end, and fight the patriarchy as internet outliers.

In our courses, we are having an absolute BLAST creating and utilizing our PERSONAL BRANDS to affect change, make money, and build better lifestyles for ourselves. You should join us!


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Don't just build a branD

Build a lifestyle

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10 Take-Aways from the Bad Ass Book Series

“We’ve been raised to believe that you have to work hard to make money, and certainly there are times when this is true, but the real secret is you have to take huge, uncomfy risks. You have to do stuff you’ve never done before, to make yourself visible, to acknowledge your own awesomeness, to risk looking stupid. You must not only admit to desiring, and commit to creating wealth, but most important, you must allow yourself to do so.”

You are a Bad Ass at Making Money Jen Sincero

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Awesome Pandora Stations for this Totally Shitty Political Climate


Get high on your own supply! Man, this station harkens back to a time I try to emulate as much as humanly possible: Sex, Drugs, and more drugs. High on this station, I literally get visions of Andy Warhol’s New York Factory churning out artists. Then the Beatles pop on and I think about Patty Smith going from George Harrison to Eric Clapton (or was it the other way around?) and hoo boy to have slept with those two? Sometimes at the same time? Be still my Rockstar wanna-be heart. .

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How to Achieve Anything You Desire Using One Simple List

“I’ll give it five years” I told myself. Five years and I’m out.

As I approached my fifth wedding anniversary I knew it was time. I knew it would be tough and I knew it would totally suck balls. (Gross - who likes sucking balls.) But I also knew if I didn’t do it I wouldn’t end up here, and Imma tell you every nail I broke clawing my ass out of a terrible marriage was worth it. 

Now, I’m not suggesting ya’ll need to or are going to get divorced with this list I’m about to tell you about, I am merely trying to convey the significance of writing and executing a list like this. This process is THAT powerful. So, be careful what you wish for as you just might get it.

Having no plans to return to Rockbottom-ville, I continue to be ruthless and write and execute a new list as needed. As Nick Kusmich said, “there are seasons" and when the season you are in requires a better version of you, this is where I get started. 

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Join me at Alt Summit 2019!

Did you know that 85% of Alt Summit attendees have come back more than once? It’s true, and one of the reasons is because at Alt Summit, attendees talk shop in a forthcoming and honest way. The conference is a cooperative environment where knowledge is candid, plentiful and easily accessible.

I love this conference and think you will love it too.

Use this code at registration to get $50 off: [ZELINKA]. Go for it! Prices go up November 1st, so now’s the time.

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Mandy Zelinka
Easily Increase Engagement with Awesome Photos

Practice makes perfect (and other annoying things we already know but like to ignore…)

There’s a lot of things I learned in the high school dark room about photography that I either forgot might matter to other people or simply didn’t realize because I have been an amateur photographer my entire life. It all started when my dad gave me one of the cameras he’d picked up in Vietnam. I felt honored to be trusted with such a defining piece of his history. Many a ladies were seen through his lens - many of whom I will never know as my mother tore all the ladies out of his scrapbook. (Literally. There are gaping holes where the photos once were.)

Since I’ve upped my smize game I’ve noticed the engagement on my social media and blog posts to have more than doubled. Seems that bit of time I spent studying models and tear sheets worked out well for me. (Mostly I just watched the Kardashians don’t judge.)

Besides practicing (which takes time obviously) here are a few really Quick and Dirty tricks to help you along the way:

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A few years ago while working behind the chair as a hairstylist I found myself in a Digital Marketing class in Seattle Washington, a city that is home to two of the wealthiest men in America who also happen to be in tech (Jeff Bezos of Amazon and Bill Gates of Microsoft). Looking to be challenged, I signed up to learn to code from two adorable young men - one who had worked directly under Tim Cook at Apple. The other worked for Mister Bezos.


I cried through the entire course. Like, ugly cried. 


Grabbing coffee before class meant finding myself in packed Starbucks navigating a sea of lanyard-donning Amazon tech geeks with backpacks. 


Talk about intimidating.  

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Shrill by Lindy West

Before I met and married a very wrong man I was vibrant. I created compelling provocative branding for the salon I owned. I was fierce and honestly, on most days I felt unstoppable. I was winning left and right. There's a lot of freedom and power in being fierce and not giving a fuck. You see Gary Vee? That was me. Masta Z. Totally unapologetic. But by the time I'd picked up Shrill most of the Mandy I had grown up with had been erased. It makes me cry just sitting down and writing that - not because of what I allowed to happen to me but because of what I very nearly almost lost. Myself.

But I found her again. And she's fucking rad dude, and she's still a total Troublemaker.

She's so rad you should really get to know her.  You know why?

She might just be the person you need now.

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The Importance of Big Hairy Audacious Goals

I once stole my soon-to-be ex-husband’s car in the middle of the night (we were mid-divorce) because he pissed me off. I dunno, at the time it could have been as insignificant as that I didn’t like his tone of voice. Incensed, I got a ride over to where he was staying and straight up ganked the Jeep Cherokee out from under him. Poor dude couldn’t even get to work the next morning meanwhile downtown I sat comfortably in my award-winning salon snickering to myself about my late night high jinks. 

No wonder people used to call me a crazy asshole.

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Five Work from Home ADHD Hacks

*Allow yourself 1-2 hours a day with a notepad and allow your mind to wander. It’ll feel like meditating because you really have to slow yourself down to do this but trust me: it’s worth it.

*Break-Up your workday into four and two hour chunks, rotating work(four hours)/working out(two hours)/work(four hours)/read(two hours).

*Turn your phone to airplane mode when we are working. That way your social media time becomes very purposeful and non-distracting.

*Put yourself first. If you aren’t functioning nothing else will.

*Set up multiple work stations for yourself so you can rotate your scenery if you get antsy laptopping.

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When you decide to let your feminine freak flag fly

“Vulnerability is our most accurate measurement of courage.” Brene Brown

Recently when in Austin I stepped into one of only a handful of brick-n-mortar Modcloth locations. I made an appointment with one of their stylists, KEPT the appointment, and ACTUALLY TRIED ON CLOTHES IN FRONT OF A STORE MIRROR. I don’t know about you, but I much prefer ordering clothes online (always getting the wrong size) and trying them on in the comfort (then disgust) of my living room. Embarrassed, I then throw the garment in the back of my closet. I shame it, never to be found again until it’s Goodwill season. Sounds totally sane right?

So instead of fixing the problem, I stopped shopping altogether. I’d become paralyzed to the process. You laugh at me, but I know from my twenty years of experience working behind the chair as a hairstylist that even the most bad asses of females have some of the strangest insecurities. This would be one of mine. The dreaded in-store try-on.

My tits tend to be too large, my ass bigger than my waist, and ya know it just gets exhausting. And never mind the stylists that are always tryin’ to bug when you’re like, “damn, I’m just trying to live my life over here alone without any help from anyone and I have no idea why I can’t figure anything out that way.”

So I finally sought out the help I needed, quite literally put my on my big girl panties, and went for it. I made some pretty big, hairy, audacious goals for myself recently and in light of that, when I feel like I need to do something that feels uncomfortable I say to myself, “Bitch. You wanna be a millionaire you better start acting like one.” And the fear subsides and honestly, the anxiety that came along with it. I couldn’t figure out where this next level of fierceness was coming from. And then my Modcloth order arrived.

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Dear Diary: I Have Nothing to Wear



I woke up this morning feeling as I imagine Rihanna to feel on any given morning: Sexy, Fierce, and ready to slay the day. I had minimal drool on my face and even managed to drunkenly brush my teeth before bed. I had already declared the weekend a success.

Until I waltzed into my closet and froze. Everything looked basic. 

What bothered me today was that none of my black t-shirts looked like me. Not only had the planets shifted, but they took me with them. I felt different. Like Mandy 2.0 with a closet full of the dumbest looking shit that not even a blind kindergartner would pick out.

(Have I mentioned I tend to be hard on myself?)

This became an instant crisis. If my wardrobe is rejecting me then I'm basically rejecting myself because I curated that shit. WTH? Clothes are only supposed to betray you when they don't fit! I felt betrayed by Mandy 1.0 asking myself, "seriously Mandy, who were you? Ew."

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